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Pai Mu Tan or “White Peony” is fresh, soft, lightly fragrant and rich in antioxidants. This premium white tea offers a subtle aroma, delicate floral and sweet notes with a hint of nut.

Pai Mu Tan Brewing Instructions

Amount 3 tsp (2.5g) per cup (250ml)
Temp 75°C – 80°C – Do not use boiling water
Brew 2 – 4 mins
Infusions 3 +
(first infusion 2 min, +1 min for each additional infusion)
Tasting Delicate, soft, lightly fragrant, subtly floral, sweet, nutty.
Info No Milk
Enjoy hot or chilled as a cold brew
Best brewed with spring or filtered water
Keep your tea stored airtight in a cool, dry & dark environment Contains Caffeine
Ingredients Organic White Tea


Pai Mu Tan, also known as “Bai Mu Dan” or “White Peony” is a fresh, soft and lightly fragrant white tea.

Pai Mu Tan is usually harvested in the early Spring from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Traditionally, one new shoot with two young leaves are plucked from the tea plants and collected upon harvest.

From Fujian Province in China, this beautiful organic white tea offers subtle vegetal aromas of fresh hay and delicate floral, sweet notes with a hint of nut.

It has a slightly fuller flavour than most other white teas which is often preferred by some.

Bai Mu Dan white tea is fondly named after the white peony flower, due to its similar characteristics and pleasant association.

Teas were often named after flowers, which may also indicate the quality of the tea. The white peony flower is traditionally associated with wealth in China.

It is not to be confused with the actual White Peony Root which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Unlike black tea, this type of tea undergoes very minimal processing to prevent oxidation and preserve the white hair and silver tips on the unopened buds.

In fact, white tea is the least processed of all teas, preserving much of its nutrient content.

To get the most out of Pai Mu Tan loose leaf tea, it can be brewed multiple times, beginning with a 1-2 min steep, increasing each consecutive steep by approximately an extra minute.

The depth of flavour will gently develop and unfold with each brew and you can truly appreciate these lovely tea leaves. However if your time is limited and you can only manage the one steep, we recommend a 3-4 min brew where its flavour can still be enjoyed.

The flavour of this tea leans towards a green tea, but it has a distinct flavour profile of its own. You can get Pai Mu Tan tea bags, but it is of much inferior quality. When enjoyed in its loose leaf form, this tea really comes into its own.

White tea is naturally rich and abundant in antioxidants and tea drinkers may benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pai Mu Tan is best brewed using our Fine Tea Infuser for enhanced flavour.

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