“…and so the journey down the rabbit hole began and the dream of creating a tea range emerged!”

A complex and colourful story lies within the humble tea leaf.

My love of drinking tea and my fascination with this very story led to the birth of Fine Infusions. For me tea represents connection. A ritual of gathering, sharing, and being in the moment. An opportunity to connect with family, friends, and community. Connecting with culture through storytelling. Fine Infusions is built on these principles with an offering of premium, natural teas that I would love to share with you. My pursuit of tea evolved after transitioning into the health food and herbal industry. While studying the benefits of wellness and herbal tisanes, the interest in furthering my tea knowledge evolved.

“I studied the health benefits of tea drinking, the complexities in flavour, varieties and global origins… and so the journey down the rabbit hole began and the dream of creating a tea range emerged!”

Initially experimenting with homemade iced tea and herbal blends, I began to share these with family and friends – also known as the Fine Infusions chief critics and tea tasters! With the urge to delve deeper into the world of tea, I also began studying with Australian Tea Masters and completed a Tea Master and Tea Blender certification. These experiences provoked respect and appreciation for tea and the importance of natural, pure ingredients. With your health and wellbeing in mind, Fine Infusions blends are all-natural and handmade. We source a majority of organic ingredients and our loose leaf teas are carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers. Quality, authenticity, and product origins are paramount to us. We can learn so much through the history and story of tea. There’s much to experience with each tea variety. Think wine tasting, but in the form of tea! Enjoy the journey.

Alana x