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Sencha is a traditional, highly valued tea in Japan. It is also enjoyed in many other parts of the world and renowned for its vegetal flavour profile with a delicate sweetness.

Japanese Sencha Brewing instructions

Amount 1 tsp (3g) per cup (250ml)
Temp 60°C – 70 °C – Do not use boiling water with Sencha
Brew 2 – 3 mins
Infusions 3 – 4 infusions
Tasting Vegetal, marine, sweet, and nutty notes
Info No Milk
Enjoy hot or chilled
Best brewed with spring or filtered water
Keep your tea stored airtight in a cool, dry & dark environment
Japanese Sencha Green Tea contains caffeine
Cold Brew Iced Tea Add 6 tsp loose leaf sencha tea to a jug
Pour 1 litre of filtered water over the leaves (no heat)
We like to throw in a small handful of frozen raspberries or other berries.
Place in the fridge for 8 hours + (or overnight – up to 2 days)
Serve cold or over ice (straining the loose leaves)
Ingredients Organic Japanese Green Tea

Part of our Green Tea range, Sencha is a highly valued, traditional green tea of Japan and enjoyed as part of daily life. It is from the Camellia Sinensis family. In Japan, Sencha is a very popular tea.

Our high quality loose leaf tea is cultivated in the organic tea gardens of the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka. This one of the most prominent tea growing regions in the country, with thousands of tea bushes dominating the landscape. Sencha tea production is concentrated in this area. However, it is also produced and widely popular in various other parts of the world.

This type of Japanese tea produces a delicate tea leaf offering seaweed notes reminiscent of the ocean with a mild astringency, sweetness, and hints of nut. It is renowned for its vegetal flavour profile and its aromas of fresh cut grass.

The tea leaves are in the form of smooth, flat needles that resemble beautiful, almost fragile green shards.

Drinking green tea offers many health benefits and is richer in antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients, due to the minimal processing method. Like most green teas, Sencha leaves are steamed, preserving the natural enzymes also retaining the green colour.

The ideal brewing time for Sencha is two minutes. You should use hot water, between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. You can find Sencha tea bags, but the experience is nothing like enjoying a proper quality tea made from loose leaves.

Our Japanese Sencha green tea is perfect for brewing hot or, due to its light and refreshing properties, makes a tasty cold brew iced tea.

Best brewed using our Fine Tea Infuser for enhanced flavour.

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