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Fine Infusions Tea



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Sweet dreams are made of tea! Treat your senses to a luxurious all-natural infusion of warm cocoa and citrus orange. A dessert freshly brewed in your teapot, hand-blended with a little twist of spice!

Chocolate Orange Crumble Brewing instructions

Amount 1 tsp (3g) per cup (250ml)
Temp 95°C – 100°C
Brew 5 + minutes
Infusions 1-2
Tasting Citrus, cocoa, toast, spice

No Milk
Enjoy hot or chilled
Best brewed with spring or filtered water
Keep your tea stored airtight in a cool, dry & dark environment
Chocolate Orange Crumble contains caffeine

Cold Brew Iced Tea Add 6 tsp loose leaf chocolate orange tea to a jug
Pour 1 litre of filtered water over the leaves (no heat)
Place in the fridge for 8 hours + (or overnight – up to 2 days)
Serve cold or over ice (straining the loose leaves)
Ingredients Roasted Oolong, Orange Peel, Organic Cacao Nibs, Australian Native Wattleseed, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Safflowers, Natural Orange and Natural Chocolate Flavour


There may be moments in life, where we feel the need to reconnect, to find comfort in things that are familiar. Introduce some soothing Chocolate Orange Crumble into the mix, to accompany you on your journey. We’ve put together a special little blend of luxurious, all-natural ingredients, infused with flavours of warm cocoa, citrus orange and a twist of spice.

Our Chocolate Orange Tea has been carefully crafted and hand-blended, with the intention to evoke those feelings of warmth, comfort and contentment. Reminiscent of that favourite homemade dessert, sure to send you to your happy place.

Before brewing, savour the aromas of sweet, citrusy dried orange peel and rich cocoa. Upon the first sip, taste the mild sweetness of cinnamon and orange. Soft undertones of wattleseed, coffee and toast, followed by a lingering, velvety chocolate finish.

We’ve included some brewing tips so, you can also try Chocolate Orange Tea as an indulgent cold brew iced tea. We love it and we think you’ll love it!

Chocolate Orange Crumble is best brewed using our Fine Tea Infuser for enhanced flavour.


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