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Fine Infusions Tea



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Grown in the mountainous Australian Alpine region of Victoria, this Japanese-style green tea is sweet and nutty, with notes of the sea and hints of grass. Biscuity aromas with a creamy texture.

Australian Alpine Green Brewing instructions

Amount 1 tsp (3g) per cup (250ml)
Temp 75°C – 80°C
Brew 1-1 ½ minutes
Infusions 3
Tasting Nut, Nori, Marine, Sweet, Umami
Info No Milk


Enjoy hot or chilled

Best brewed with spring or filtered water

Keep your tea stored airtight in a cool, dry & dark environment

Contains caffeine

Ingredients Pure Australian Green Tea


Product of Australia | Packed in Australia



Australian Alpine Green is harvested in the Spring and cultivated by traditional Japanese processing techniques. The climate and growing conditions in the Victorian Alpine region resemble the tea growing regions of Japan.

The distinct seasons and altitude of the Victorian Southern Alps offer an ideal environment for the tea plants to flourish and retain vital nutrients.

While the flavour profile is similar to Japanese green tea, there are slight variations in its tasting notes and aromas due to the unique, native characteristics of the Australian soil and terroir. For example, in the Alpine region you will find native eucalyptus trees in the surrounding areas of the plantations. As eucalyptus trees do not grow in Japan, this could produce distinct characteristics in the Alpine-grown tea. In the same way, the native plant species growing near (or in) the tea plantations of Japan, will contribute to the flavours of Japanese-grown green tea.

Tea plants are not native to the Alpine region, so they do not attract many pests. As a result, minimal to no pesticides are required in the cultivation process, making this green tea pure and natural.

Our Australian green Tea is creamy in texture with a biscuity aroma. An umami flavour with hints of sweet chestnut, seaweed, nori, and mild grassy notes.

Australian Alpine Green Tea is clean and medium-bodied. It requires minimal brewing time, for balanced astringency and a pleasant finish.

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